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The blue print to success on your hunting property starts here! 

      Here at JW Habitat Management, we offer a detailed property design to fit any parcel size and budget. After touring your property, we will lay out a plan that fits your goals

  and objectives. The plan will lay out food plot locations, bedding areas, travel corridors, stand sites, access routes, trail camera locations, screening, water holes, mock scrape

  locations, and many other habitat improvements.  




































  Detailed property design  

      Our property design will layout in detail everything needed to turn your property into a wildlife sanctuary.  The design will feature food plot locations, bedding areas,  travel

 corridors, water holes, mock scrapes, trail camera locations, stand sites, access routes, tree plantings, screening options, native grass plantings, and many more.

  Food plot planting

  We have a wide variety of highly palatable forages that will be custom designed to fit your specific property size and wildlife nutrional requirements.

  Water hole installment 

      Water holes can be one of the most over looked habitat improvements but when placed in the right locations can often be one of the most important features of your property.

  Mock scrape installment 

       Mock scrapes are the primary way deer communicate with scent. These mock scrapes will become social hubs for your deer herd allowing you to attract and pattern them. 

  Bedding area improvement 

      Bedding area improvements can maximize the holding power of your property and place deer in predetermined locations allowing you to access your property without the added

  fear of bumping them. These improvements can consist of Hinge cuts, timber stand improvement, tree, shrub, and native grass plantings.  After bedding areas are established we

  will create travel corridors linking all your habitat improvements together creating more daylight movement.  

  Custom blind builds 

      we can construct a hunting blind of any size to keep you comfortable and in the stand longer. 

  Predator removal services 
       Predator removal can be one of the most important parts of building a property with a abundance of wildlife. We have the knowledge and years of experience to quickly

  reduce the number of predators on your property as well a nuisance trapping. 


                                                                                    We look forward to helping you get the most out of your property!  


                                                                                           Justin Steines   Wade Bormann


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